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The 127th Canton Fair will be Launched Online from Mid to Late June

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April 8, 2020

        Dear overseas  buyers,exhibitors and relevant parties involved:

        Thank you for your attention and support to the Canton Fair!

        On April 7, the Chinese central government decided that given the global pandemic, the 127th Canton Fair would be launched online from mid to late June. We will invite companies from China and around the world to exhibit their products online. Powered by advanced information technology, we will provide around-the-clock services for online product promotion, matchmaking and business negotiations. On our Internet-enabled international trade platform for quality and speciality products, Chinese and international businesses can place orders and cut deals without the hassle of travel.

        We will be in touch with you through our official website www.cantonfair.org.cn, social media and emails on the latest information.

        By joining hands we will prevail over this pandemic!

        China Foreign Trade Centre