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[Canton Fair Story]Lincoln: I Take Brazilian Companies to “Hunt for Treasures” in the Canton Fair

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Lincoln Fracari is the CEO of China Link Trading of Brazil. Both he himself and the company are closely connected with China. For more than a decade, he and his team have been committed to providing Brazilian companies with import and export business consulting services and looking for opportunities to trade with China. Lincoln has a deep feeling for the Canton Fair. Since the company was founded in 2008, he has attended every session of the Canton Fair, and would stay for twenty or thirty days every time.

A Brazilian Company Born in China

“Although China Link Trading is a Brazilian company, it was born in China!” Lincoln Fracari told the reporter in a mysterious tone.

Unlike many multinational companies which were established in their home country and then set up offices in foreign countries, China Link Trading was established in Hong Kong, China, and then set up offices in Brazil.

In 2005, Lincoln worked for a consulting company and was appreciated by a senior banker for his outstanding work. The banker told him that if Lincoln wanted to secure personal development, he should lose no time in learning Mandarin, as Mandarin is the future language. At that time, Lincoln knew nothing about China or Mandarin. Seeing that Lincoln was confused, the banker further pointed out: “Learning Chinese now will secure you opportunities for career development.”

Lincoln, who was convinced of the senior banker, began to study Chinese. One year later, he got the opportunity to work at Huawei’s Brazilian branch. As he knew more about China, Lincoln sensed huge opportunities for China’s economic development. He was no longer satisfied with his current work and decided to launch a company to trade directly with China.

In 2008, Lincoln set up China Link Trading in Hong Kong to help more Brazilian companies trade with China and share opportunities in China’s economic development.

“There was only one staff--myself at first. After just ten years of development, China Link Trading has developed into one of the top three companies of the industry in Brazil,” Lincoln told the reporter. Today, Lincoln turned the predictions of the senior banker into reality. China Link Trading has offices in not only cities of Brazil, but also Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Ningbo.

The Canton Fair is a Preferred Choice for Promotion

Up to now, China Link Trading has helped many Brazilian companies realize their dream of trading with Chinese companies. The Canton Fair is a must-attend exhibition that the company promotes to its customers. The “Canton Fair Promotion” has even become an independent service of the company.

“China is very open in trade. It is not impossible for overseas buyers to find suppliers themselves in China. But if they go to the Canton Fair, it is another situation.” Sourcing through the Canton Fair is efficient. Besides, buyers can have wide choices, meet more reliable suppliers, and enjoy perfect overall supporting services. In only a few days during the exhibition, buyers can collect industry information in the most effective way, and even close the sale on the spot, which is very cost-effective for buyers.

“I hope to serve my customers well. By attending the Canton Fair, I can help them find matching high-quality partners.” Lincoln always tells his customers that if they want to trade with China, the Canton Fair is a must-attend exhibition. China Link Trading also releases videos introducing the Canton Fair on the website of major media to let buyers realize the necessity to attend the Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair is a World Stage

For more than a decade, many buyers brought by China Link Trading have made great gains at the Canton Fair and are increasingly dependent on services provided by China Link Trading. Lincoln is more and more confident in the Canton Fair. He knows that recommending the Canton Fair for customers is a right choice.

“The Canton Fair not only gathers a variety of suppliers, but also provides better products year by year. Some suppliers have even built their own brands.” As said by Lincoln, buyers are increasingly satisfied with the Canton Fair. “Whether it is product quality or business negotiation, logistics management, inventory management, etc., suppliers from the Canton Fair are becoming more professional.”

At the Canton Fair, there are not only Chinese suppliers of all industries, but also foreign exhibitors since the establishment of the International Pavilion, which makes Lincoln no longer satisfied with finding Chinese suppliers. Lincoln now regards the Canton Fair as a commercial tentacle that stretches out to Asia and the world. He believes that it will be better if there could be more booths so that more Asian companies can exhibit at the show. “In that case, sourcing in Asia can also be completed at the Canton Fair.” In the eyes of Lincoln, the Canton Fair is a “treasure house” that demonstrates China’s manufacturing strength, promotes Sino-foreign exchanges, and enhances global trade, which makes it a strong attraction for global buyers and explains the reason why he would attend every session to “hunt for treasures”.

Source: Canton Fair Press Center