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[Canton Fair Story]Let’s Meet at the Biannual “Friends Gathering” Rain or Shine!

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 “This is the 13th year of our participation in the Canton Fair. In fact, the Canton Fair has already become an important place for our company to meet with customers and friends,” said Khaled Ramzy, Export Director of Fresh Electric Company of Home Appliances (hereinafter referred to as “Fresh”) from Egypt. When it comes to the Canton Fair, Khaled Ramzy seems to be talking about an old friend of him.

In the spring of 2007, the 101st Canton Fair set up the International Pavilion, which opened up a new trading platform for products from all over the world to enter the Chinese market. From then on, Fresh has taken root in the Canton Fair. Speaking of this, Khaled Ramzy was very grateful to China for not only building such a platform like the Canton Fair through which his company can communicate with worldwide traders, but also for setting up International Pavilion to share valuable market opportunities with other countries.

Never Absent from the Biannual “Friends Gathering”

Fresh, founded in Egypt in 1987, is mainly engaged in home appliances, and covers more than 1,000 types of products. After over 30 years of development, now it embraces as many as 150 million customers, and is the leader of Egypt’s home appliances industry. Its production, warehousing and service centers are located in many parts of the world, including Egypt, Ethiopia and India. All of these achievements are inseparable from global buyers gained from the Canton Fair since 2007.

“By participating in the Canton Fair, we have greatly expanded the international market, such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other regions”, said Khaled Ramzy. The importance of the Canton Fair to the development of Fresh is self-evident, so the company does not hesitate to invest much capital in the Canton Fair. After participating in the Canton Fair for the first time in 2007, it has never been absent in later sessions. The Canton Fair has gradually become a fixed place for it to meet new and old customers.

“The Canton Fair has brought together buyers and suppliers in the industry to the greatest extent, which is hard to come by. Few exhibitions in the world can achieve this goal, but China has done it through the Canton Fair.” People attending the Canton Fair are businessmen who really want to do business well and want to conduct high-quality trade. So if you really want to do business, the Canton Fair is the place.

The importance of the Canton Fair to the development of the company has even prompted it to regard participation in the Fair as a strategy. The Canton Fair has also become a biannual meeting between the company and its customers, where it meets with old friends, exchanges opinions on product promotion, launches new products; makes new friends and learns about the latest needs of product design.

Showcase Its Strength on the Same Platform with World Famous Brands

“The Canton Fair has enabled our company to truly face the world, and brings us opportunities to promote our brand,” said Khaled. Over the years, Fresh has accumulated a considerable number of customers in the Canton Fair. Now its goal is not only to sell products, but to expand its brand popularity, so that its brand can increase presence in more markets, including Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. At the same time, as the company’s strength grows year by year, it offers more and more product categories. In the future, it will develop new product categories and cover more home appliances.

At this session of the Canton Fair, Fresh displays gas stoves, automatic washing machines, electric water heaters, air conditioners, electric stoves, microwave ovens and so on, which means basically all categories of home appliances.

For Khaled, the most important thing in coming to the Canton Fair is not to gain a large number of orders, but to know more global buyers through this platform and establish contacts with potential customers. Especially in the first two days of the exhibition, more focus is put on networking with customers, showing the company’s strength, and giving customers enough confidence. After getting a whole idea of exhibitors at the Canton Fair, they would come back for us and discuss cooperation.

“Sell Products to Global Buyers + Buy Products from Global Exhibitors”

In addition to expanding customers, Fresh has also found important Chinese suppliers in the Canton Fair. Khaled Ramzy said that his company has found not only customers of end products, but also suppliers of product parts and components. The company designs products together with many Chinese suppliers, and has established long-lasting and deep connections with many Chinese companies.

Because of believing in the strength of exhibitors at the Canton Fair, Khaled Ramzy said that his company has sent an entire procurement team to find new cooperation opportunities here. “Now there is fierce competition in the home appliances industry. We need to find suppliers that have competitive advantages in terms of both price and quality. Therefore, we must bring the sourcing team to the Canton Fair.”

Looking at the crowds in his booth, Khaled Ramzy said that that was exactly what he hoped to see. Fresh comes for the crowd, and hopes that China will continue to promote opening up and share opportunities of economic development with other countries.
Source: Canton Fair Press Center
Reporter: Huang Qini