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Shenzhen 【Canton Fair Story】Skyworth: Seize Opportunities to Go to the Industrial Forefront at Canton Fair

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Since the 103rd session of Canton Fair in 2008, this is the 24th time that Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. has participated in the fair. “The clients we first met at the fair are now our most important strategic clients. Over the years, our development overseas is inseparable from Canton Fair.” said Wang Zhiguo, Chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., with a confident smile.

Skyworth, Guangdong’s home appliances giant, is engaged in the production and operation of color TV set, monitor, display, audio-visual equipment, etc. Since its establishment in 1988, the company has been at the industrial forefront in terms of appearance design, quality control and so on. It can not only provide innovative products that can revolutionize the industry, but also produce conventional electronic products which have the largest industrial demand.

In fact, Made-in-China home appliances, including Skyworth, is going from product globalization to technology globalization, which can’t be realized without Canton Fair, a powerful channel connecting China’s export enterprises with the world, or without the latest information and high-quality buyers that enterprises acquire at Canton Fair.

Accumulate High-quality Buyers to Learn Market Demands

In recent years, with increasing orders year by year, Skyworth has gradually opened up international markets, covering countries on all continents. Wang said that new customers that Skyworth had met at Canton Fair were mostly from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries along the Belt and Road. “Every year, we have steadily increasing customers at Canton Fair, because every time we participate in the fair, we launch our latest products; our old customers will not miss. In addition, many new customers come to us and are attracted by our products. The steady flow of customers and good products lead to order increase year by year.”

High-quality buyers at Canton Fair not only gradually establish a long-term relationship of cooperation with Skyworth, but also help Skyworth understand the latest market demands, so that Skyworth can grasp the correct direction to upgrade its products. “Customers come to us to understand the development of China’s technologies and buy products. We also take the opportunity to communicate with them and learn about their latest local needs.”Canton Fair is a window to receive information, which in turn pushes companies to carry out internal technology upgrades and ultimately provide customers with higher-quality products that meet their needs, Mr. Wang said.

Participate in CF Awards to Form New Competitive Edges in Foreign Trade

A transparent screen suspends above a complete piece of glass and stands on the bottom box, which makes it seemingly invisible. This is Skyworth’s innovative transparent OLED screen Vision, which won the Best of Best Award of CF Awards at the 2019 Canton Fair. We can imagine this scene: Set a transparent TV at home; when the TV is off, it is perfectly hidden at your home. But when it is turned on, it looks like a real OLED TV, which can give you the clearest and most gorgeous pictures. Such a sci-fi experience has become a reality because of Skyworth’s innovation.

The research, development and innovation abilities of an enterprise are the key to cultivate new competitive edges in foreign trade. Skyworth has improved its innovative advantages during its actively participation in the CF Awards of Canton Fair. Wang Zhiguo told reporters that they would also participate in the Canton Fair CF Awarding Ceremony and their products would also be displayed in the showroom. Wang Zhiguo was proud and excited to have more opportunities to gain attention at Canton Fair for their carefully developed and high-quality products.

Popularize China’s National Brands Based on Canton Fair’s Window to the Outside World

This is a window of “introducing” and also a window of “going out”. Here, Skyworth finds more and more foreign buyers, who have also witnessed the transformation and development of China’s national brands like Skyworth from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufactured in China”, and seen the determination and strength of China’s brands to go global.

Understanding that only to start its own brand and enhance the added value and quality of products are the absolute principles to build itself into an evergreen enterprise, Skyworth especially cherishes Canton Fair, a window that promotes its brand image to the world. “In the past, we manufacturing enterprises mostly provided OEM services for customers. Now we want to realize corporate transformation, we must promote our own brands. This is one of Skyworth’s three strategies.” “Every time, we invest a lot of money and build a big booth at Canton Fair, because we want to show the latest technologies and brands to overseas customers, so that more and more customers are willing to promote our own brands together with us,” Wang Zhiguo said.

Wang Zhiguo believes that although international trade tends to be digital and online, Canton Fair is still an indispensable and important platform for communication. Step by step till today, it is because Skyworth has followed Canton Fair that it opens the channel to international markets. Therefore, Skyworth needs to grasp the business opportunities at Canton Fair and realize mutual benefit and win-win outcomes with overseas buyers. Striving for innovation and creating a national brand that enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad will become a new goal that Skyworth seeks by joining hands with Canton Fair.