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【Canton Fair Story】Jiang Li: Be Quality-oriented and Open up New Overseas Markets

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Water chiller, air-cooled module machine, EVI full frequency conversion multi-line machine, ORC low-temperature power generation system... At the 125th Canton Fair, Nanjing TICA Climate Solutions Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “TICA”) accelerated its expansion in new overseas markets.

“Having participated in the Canton Fair for 31 years, I witnessed the constant ‘going out’ of Chinese brands. Chinese companies are gradually accelerating their global presence. I think this is the path that TICA will take in the future,” said Jiang Li, Chairman of the Board of TICA.

Currently, TICA develops rapidly in Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. It has promoted sample projects in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. As introduced by Jiang Li, TICA’s export accounts for 23% of its total annual sales, a significant rise from 5% in the beginning. In the future, export is still the direction of enterprise development. Enterprises must go global.

“TICA’s full-effect home central air conditioner can not only control temperature and humidity, but also reduce PM2.5 and indoor chemical pollution, making it a healthy, comfortable, energy-saving and intelligent choice for consumers.”According to Jiang Li, TICA’s products are fluorine free, environmentally friendly and energy saving. TICA is building itself into “the world’s leading supplier and service provider for clean environment and thermal energy usage.”

“When you go steady, you can go far.” When it comes to how to go global for independent brands, Jiang Li believes that enterprises must, firstly, ensure product quality and stability; secondly, focus on innovation,   investment in R&D, and the gathering of talents; and finally, seek international quality development.

“Canton Fair is a platform of showing China’s imports and exports. It represents China’s development path from manufacturing to creation and innovation, demonstrating the power of Chinese products.” Jiang Li hopes to participate in the Canton Fair and release new products every year.


Sources: WeChat account of Ministry of Commerce, Canton Fair Press Center, xinhuanet.com

Reporters:Chen Xueying, Guan Jinheng