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【Canton Fair Story】Wang Jianli: Canton Fair Opens a “Door” for Enterprises to Fully Tap Overseas Markets

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At the 125th Canton Fair, Wang Jianli, General Manager of Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongshan Lanju”), said that through the Canton Fair, Zhongshan Lanju has gradually gained recognition from overseas buyers and established its brand reputation in overseas markets.

Zhongshan Langju has opened up overseas markets for nearly 20 years. Wang Jianli said: “At the beginning, it was only some basic trade cooperation. With the launch of the “Belt and Road” initiative, our company began to establish joint ventures with local African companies, and conduct closer investment cooperation with Southeast Asian companies.”

In recent years, with the gradual deepening of new development concepts, optimizing production mode and workflow to ensure green development has become a new measure to test a company’s brand influence in overseas markets. “First of all, environmental protection means enterprises’ being responsible for the whole society and the environment.” Zhongshan Lanju will follow China’s national policy to build green factories and promote green products, thus helping its brand “go further in a more stable manner”.

In addition, Zhongshan Lanju focuses intensively on scientific research and innovation, and cooperates with domestic and foreign research institutions. It has obtained nearly 100 patented technologies, and has registered trademarks in 61 countries and regions.


Sources: WeChat account of Ministry of Commerce, Canton Fair Press Center, xinhuanet.com

Reporters: Shi Liang, Li Junhao