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The number of buyers of the 124th Canton Fair will remain basically stable

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At the opening press conference of the 124thCanton Fair held on October 14, Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair and DeputyDirector of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that taking into account of various factors, thenumber of people attending the Canton Fair will remain basically stable in the122nd session of the Canton Fair.

Xu Bing said that since the beginning ofthis year, China's foreign trade has been running smoothly and has progressedsteadily. In the first three quarters, the total value of China's import andexport of goods increased by 9.9% over the same period of last year, andexports and imports increased by 6.5% and 14.1% respectively. While the scaleof foreign trade has achieved rapid growth, the quality and efficiency ofdevelopment have been further enhanced.

At the same time, however, there are stillsome uncertainties and instability in the field of international economictrade. In particular, Sino-US trade friction has had a certain impact onChina's foreign trade development. The International Monetary Fund lowered itsgrowth forecast for the world's major economies in the World Economic Outlookreport released on October 9. International trade orders are characterized byfragmentation and customization. Labor-intensive industries are transferringoutwards in an accelerated manner, and new trade methods have broughtchallenges to traditional trade patterns.

Xu Bing said that facing the complicatedforeign trade situation, the current Canton Fair adheres to the marketingconcept of “innovation, specialization, targeted and delicate”, highlights keyexhibition sections and target markets, increases the intensity, breadth anddepth of promotion, and strives to attract global quality buyers, achieve moreconvenient and safer transactions and more tremendous benefits. According toour current number of invitations, pre-registration and customer serviceconsultations, which are closely related to the number of buyers, haveincreased.

 (Canton Fair Press Center)