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Preview of the 123rd Session of the Canton Fair- Dynamic and Glowing New Energy

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 As a barometer and vane, the Canton Fair is the first promotion platform for China’s foreign trade. Currently, we are committed to make the Canton Fair more international, professional, market- and IT-oriented, so as to set up a “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair” and make it a multi-functional trade platform.


On March 13th, the much-anticipated Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China made an impressive debut. This new department is the most powerful environmental regulatory agency in China’s modern history, symbolizing China’s solid steps in environmental protection. In China, greenness is not only a development concept, but also a promising sunrise industry.

A green ecological environment needs clean and eco-friendly new energy. As an active player in new energy development, China has become the world’s largest producer of renewable energy. Its domestic production technology has gradually caught up with global competence.

Following the initiative of the national environmental governance and the development of new energy, the Canton Fair established a new energy section since the 116th Canton Fair in 2014 to facilitate the development of China's new energy industry.

The new energy section of the 123rd Canton Fair consists of three major product zones, namely solar photovoltaic products, solar photothermal products, wind energy and other new energy products. Nearly 100 excellent exhibiting companies will showcase their latest products, presenting a diversified development trend in the industry. At the same time, new energy and electronic and electrical products as well as lighting products will be exhibited in the same period, which will provide buyers with integrated upstream and downstream accessory products. Now, I will give you a list of many excellent brands in the industry.             




 Chinaland Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.


l  Reliable PV brand in more than 130 countries and regions. Sophisticated PV core components.

l  A brand company provides one-stop solution for photovoltaic system and perfectly integrated photovoltaic system.

l  The winner of Top Runner Certification of the Power Attenuation Rate of Photovoltaic Module certified by CTC

l  Products and technologies include solar cell module, photovoltaic power plant system, photovoltaic water heater, independent lighting system, solar water pumping application system and the first Building Integrated PV (BIPV).




                  Jiangsu Sunrain Solar Energy Co.,Ltd

l  China's leader in solar thermal.

l  The owner of two brands, “Sunrain” and “SJJIMICOE” as well as a complete sales channel covering the urban and rural markets in China.

l  As an owner of national-recognized enterprise technology center, an advanced platform for R&D and test of equipment and technology as well as several national patent technologies, this company is one of the drafters of the 14 national standards such as “Evaluation Standard for Solar Water Heating Systems of Civil Buildings”.






                    Zhejiang Kingdom Solar Energy Technic Co.,Ltd.

l  As a developer and seller of solar energy and new energy, this company is the most dynamic and promising member of China's solar energy and new energy manufacturing plants.

l  In long-term cooperation with some internationally renowned companies, export products to all over the world, including many countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Japan.

l  Professional R&D and manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic cells, solar modules, photovoltaic power generation systems and photovoltaic applications products.    





Zhe Jiang BLD Solar Technology Co.,Ltd

l  Solution provider of integrated global solar energy, working hard to deliver clean and renewable energy to the world.

l  Professional producer of solar wafers, batteries and components with a rather complete solar energy industrial chain.

l  Owner of advanced automatic production line for photovoltaic modules






 Foshan OUYAD Electronic Co., Ltd

l  Independent windmill generator manufacturing plant and R&D department of wind power generation control system

l  An overseas marketing center. With wind power generation system as its core, this company established a factory of new energy products based on wind and solar energy.

l  Major producer of solar panels, grid-connected inverters, off-grid inverters, integrated solar street lamps, solar cells and automatic production robot for solar cell single string welding     



As one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries, new energy industry is developing rapidly. Many companies have risen to prominence in recent years. The New Energy Section will serve as a bridge of communication and trade between exhibiting companies and buyers and facilitate the development of the industry.


Information of the section:

Time: Phase 1 of the Canton Fair( April 15th to 19th , 2018)

Venue: Hall 10.3, Area B, Canton Fair Complex