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Preview of the 123rd Canton Fair | The Contest of the Industrial Machinery

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Canton Fair is the first promotion platform as well as the barometer for China’s foreign trade. Currently, we are committed to make the Canton Fair more international, professional, market- and IT-oriented, so as to set up a “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair” and make it a multi-functional trade platform.

In 2017, the foreign trade of Chinese mechanical industry continued to pick up with the annual export and import volume reaching 712.3 billion dollars and growing on a 10.01% year-on-year basis. Thereinto, the import amounted to 306.3 billion dollars with the year-on-year growth of 12.31% and the export reached 406 billion dollars with the year-on-year growth of 8.33%. All 13 major mechanical sub-industries achieved growth in foreign trade and there is an increasing trend of mechanical products export.


There is no doubt that Chinese machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the world’s market. The machinery exhibition area in Canton Fair will help facilitate in-depth cooperation between overseas buyers and the best suppliers in China.


With the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese machinery speeds up its pace of going global, especially the agricultural machinery and engineering machinery, whose export volumes have achieved double-digit growth in 2017. Besides, the export volume of harvest machinery, field machinery, bulldozer, and loader grew at the rate of 51.5%, 70.4%, and 48.6%, respectively. The exhibition area of construction and agriculture machinery in Canton Fair will feature two major categories: agricultural machinery and construction machinery, which will be introduced in detail in the following.


Construction and Agriculture Machinery. This exhibition area is composed of six sections: small construction vehicles, mining machinery and accessories, small agriculture and gardening machinery and accessories, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, construction and mine machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, as well asbuilding materials machinery, attracting several outstanding enterprises such as Lovel, Heli, Farmate, and Hangcha to exhibit. The industrial chain of agricultural machinery manufacturing enjoys a relatively better basis and is more complete. After concentrated investments and R&D, the companies have increased their international competitiveness gradually. As for construction manufacturing companies, they have made remarkable achievementsin many aspects such as brand influence, internationalization level, hi-tech innovation capacity, quantity, quality, management level, and social responsibility.



HangchaGroup, one of Canton Fair’s exhibitors, become the “Golden Partner” of Kollmorgen. It has fully mastered the NDC automatic guidance technology, and its AGV-based intelligent logistics solution has been highly recognized both technologically and commercially. Hangcha Group will present its latest technologies and products in the 123rdCanton Fair.



As one of the largest export and manufacturing bases for walking tractors in the world, the exhibitor Sifang Group is equipped with tractor research institute, diesel engine research institute, harvester research institute, calibrating and measuring center, and research institute for casting, press-wielding and coating. Meanwhile, Sifang Group proactively promotes the use of new processes, new technologies, and new materials while combining them with the complete production equipment, automatic production line, and test equipment, which has led to outstanding results in fields like energy conservation and emission reduction, product quality enhancement, cost reduction, and working condition improvement. Hence, its products have garnered admiring reviews from numerous buyers. 



Huasheng Pesticide Machinery Co., Ltd. is going to display its latest 1E40F-2E gasoline engine. With the new second-generation technology two-stroke engine, the engine can effectively reduce the original emission by 70%, save oil consumption by 30%, and cut down CO emissions by 50%. This technology not only offers a healthier operatingenvironment, but also further extends the useful life of products.



The machinery exhibition area in Canton Fair boasts a wide range of products that covers various categories, which shows the overall outlookof Chinese mechanical industry. Apart from the famous construction and agriculture machinery, the exhibition area will also display large machinery and equipment, general machinery, small processing machinery and industrial accessories, and power machinery and electric power. Now, follow us to see what renowned enterprises and products will show up in the machinery exhibition area in Canton Fair!


Large Machinery and Equipment. This exhibition area includes five sections: machine tool and metal processing machinery, mould, plastics, and packaging machinery, chemical and textile machinery, kitchen ware, food and drinks machinery, and woodworking, building materials machinery and complete equipment. Aiming to meet customers’ needs, the exhibitors, being technology-oriented, are gradually veering their development from product-operation-only to high-tech R&D, solution customization, and application of Internet+ so as to promote the competitiveness of their products and technologies and enhance the added value of their products and services.


The leading companies include: Sino, Tri-Ring, Willing Int’l, Pengfei, Liansu and so on. The hot-spot products and technologies include: injection machine, fiber laser cutting machine, remote control technology, customized hydraulic press (used for producing different types of non-standard and special type products), and etc.


Power Machinery and Electric Power. The exhibition area includes two sections: power machinery and electric power. In the exhibition, product diversification remains the trend and high efficiency motors and high-power generator will be featured. The rapid development of consumption sectors at home such as electricity, automobile, and householdappliance has contributedto the advancement of electrical machinery technology and the upgrading of its products.


The leading companies include: Kipor, Yanan, Sumec, Changchai, Lvtian, etc. Companies of power machinery and electric power were the great winners in the 2017 CF Awards (Canton Fair Design Awards). The award-winning products include Sumec Group’s invertor generator and Huanyang Electronic&Machinery’s invertor gasoline, both of which show the latest R&D design result of the industry.



 Huanyang Electronic&Machinery’s latest invertor gasoline is equipped with the newly designed two-kilowatt inverter gasoline, multipolar machine, muffler, and air duct, which helps to boostits efficiency by 80% with less noise and more stability.

General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery, and Industrial Accessories. The exhibition area includes three sections: general machinery, small processing machinery, and other equipment and accessories. Enjoying the largest number of exhibitors in the machinery exhibition area, it boasts a wide range of exhibits with pump, valve, and small processing machinery as its featured products. The export and market share of valve products hasbeen expanding continuously, while pump products are constantly improved in their technological level, all of which are showed in the design of electronic control system, improvement of actuating device, pursuit of new materials, and etc.


The leading companies include: Leo, Ruyi, Taifu, Saame, Mec, and etc.


The overseas companies of general machinery will exhibit their latest progress in the same phase, like Caterpillar, a renowned Fortune 500 American leading brand in the mechanical industry, Karpo, a pioneer in the innovation of laser measurement instrument technology in Israel, and Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a leader of pump industry in Japan, and etc.


As the “heart of industry”, the mechanical industry is the base of economy. At present, Chinese mechanical industry is faced with a conversion phase from quantitative change to qualitative change. The machinery exhibition area in Canton Fair will continue toserve as a multifunctional platform, bridging the gap of communication and trade between exhibitors and buyers and facilitating the development of the mechanical industry.



Information of the exhibition area:

Time: April 15th-19th, Phase One,Canton Fair

Venue: Canton Fair Complex

              Hall 1.1-3.1,8.1,4.0-5.0 (outdoor), 8.0 (outdoor),Area A

              Hall 9.0 (outdoor), Area B

Exhibition Area: 61,000 m2

The number of exhibitors: almost 1,700