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Build Canton Fair into an all-round Global Trade Platform That Can “Sell to the World, Buy from the World”

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At the Press Conference for the opening of the 122nd session of China Import and Export Fair on Oct 14, Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the features of this session.

Xu Bing said that in the 122nd session, we will fully implement President Xi’s remarks in the congratulatory letter and Premier Li’s instructions, demonstrate China’s progress in the supply-side reform, and deepen trade cooperation with “Belt & Road” countries. We will continue to make the Canton Fair an all-round platform for opening up and make new and bigger contributions to China’s trade transformation and upgrading, and the development of open economy in China and the world.

Drive smooth trade with “Belt &Road” countries. Currently, the Canton Fair has signed cooperation agreements with 45 industrial and commercial organizations in 32 “Belt & Road” countries, providing consulting, exhibition attendance and participation, and trade promotion services. We will organize 14 “Belt & Road” national delegations to visit and source at the fair. Exhibitors from countries along the route account for 60% of the total in the International Pavilion, covering all 6 product zones. Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand will organize national delegation to participate in the International Pavilion.

Demonstrate China’s progress made in the supply-side reform. The Canton Fair has gathered more than 160,000 categories of products of 25,000 companies all over China, with more than 2000 brand companies. Exhibitors will focus on supply-side reform and innovation-driven development. Many leading companies with self-owned IPR, brands and core technology will bring their latest products; product update ratio for some exhibitors has reached 80%. Smart, premium, custom-made, green and low carbon products with own brands have become the latest trend.

Give full play to the role of an all-round platform for opening up. In this session we’ve made new changes to the mechanism, system and business mode, utilized domestic and international markets and resources on a higher level. By optimizing sections and exhibitor structure, building an international marketing network, driving Smart Canton Fair, holding international market forum, we will continue to improve Canton Fair’s specialization, market orientation, international development and information technology application to better help companies explore markets. By strengthening IPR protection, launching CF Awards competition, enriching design matchmaking service, we will encourage and guide exhibitors on a path of innovation-driven development and strengthen Chinese brands. By stepping up the exhibitor recruitment, attracting international industrial leaders and feature products to participate, and holding trade matchmaking activities, we will build an efficient platform for overseas exhibitors and domestic buyers. By holding promotion activities based on the demands of overseas exhibitors and facing international buyers, Chinese exhibitors and Chinese buyers, we will make Canton Fair an all-round international trade platform that can “sell to the world and buy from the world”.

(Canton Fair Press Center)