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On-site Service

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The Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion is set up at site of Canton Fair to provide exhibitors with convenient service of application for items associated with exhibition stands. The Centre has several project teams such as Recommended Contractor, Service Consultation, On-site Service, Standard Stand Setting-up, and Transportation. All of the services are proving the exhibitors of the convenient and swift access to the admission and registry.

Official Contractor:

Canton Fair Exhibition Design and Construction Co., Ltd

Exhibitors of Custom-built stands shall choose contractors with qualification certification issued by the Canton Fair. (For details see 5.2.2)

Service: Application for modification of standard stands
Address: 1+002, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, No.380 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou.

Spring Fair: Mar.1 - May.5 8:30-17:30 for each day 

Autumn Fair: Sep.1–Nov.4 8:30-17:30 for each day

Hotline: 0086-20-89139719 89139784

Ms. Chen Ms. Guan Mr. Xu

E-mail: gz510014@126.com

Service time during preparation:





Spring Session

Phase 1

Counter No. 3, Hall 2, Pearl Promenade, Area A
West side to the north gate of Hall 9, Area B

Apr. 10-12 8:30-17:00; Apr. 13 8:30-20:00; Apr. 14 8:30-12:00

Apr. 15-19 9:00-18:00


Phase 3

On-site Office of Customer Service Centre, outside Hall 10, Pearl Promenade, Area B
North Counter, Second Floor of Hall 16, Area C.

Apr. 28 11:00-24:00; Apr. 29 8:30-24:00; Apr. 30 8:30-22:00

May.1-May.5  9:00-18:00


Autumn Session

Phase 1

Counter No. 3, Hall 2, Pearl Promenade, Area A
West side to the north gate of Hall 9, Area B

Oct. 10-12 8:30-17:00; Oct. 13 8:30-20:00; Oct. 14 8:30-12:00

Oct. 15-19, 9:00-18:00


Phase 3

On-site Office of Customer Service Centre, outside Hall 10, Pearl Promenade, Area B
North Counter, Second Floor of Hall 16, Area C.

Oct 28 11:00-24:00; Oct 29 8:30-24:00; Oct 30 8:30-22:00



Apr.19/Oct. 19 and May5/ Nov.4 Open for the whole night until the conclusion of the Stand Dismantling

Services at Exhibitor Service Centre:

1. Procedures of Move-in Custom-built Stands
Please refer to Stipulations of Construction Management for Custom-built Stands in Exhibitors Manual herein for detailed procedures.

2. Modification of Standard Stand

(1) Application deadline:

Spring Fair:

10:00am, 14 Apr (Phase 1)

10:00am, 30 Apr (Phase 3)

Autumn Fair:

10:00am, 14 Oct (Phase 1)

10:00am, 30 Oct (Phase 3)

(2) Please refer to Services and Stipulations of Standard Stand Construction in Chapter 4 herein for the application scope and relevant stipulations.

3. Rental of Stand Equipment and Supply of Electricity

(1) Please refer to Form B5-2 for the specifications, charge criteria and relevant stipulations of the services.

(2) The rental of table and chair can be cancelled on the same day of its arrival at the stand. Charge for such cancellation shall be RMB 20. From the second day of the arrival of the stand equipment at the stands, no cancellation of rental will be accepted.

4. Rental of Flowers

Please refer to Form B6 for service charges.

5. Re-input of Exhibitors’ Information and Calligraphy Services

Canton Fair will make fascia boards in accordance with the exhibitors’ information input in “Registration System of Participation in the International Pavilion”. Exhibitors shall not cover or rectify the scripts on the fascia board without prior consent of Canton Fair. In case that the exhibitor is late in inputting information then requires for remedy or he may need to change the scripts on fascia board, the exhibitor shall apply to concerned department of Canton Fair for written approval and pay relevant fees.

6. Telephone allocation

Wireless Telephones are equipped in International Pavilion of  Canton Fair, please keep it safe. Telephone Allocation: For custom-built stand, 1 telephone is equipped for the area within 4 connecting standard stands of a same company, 2 telephones for the area of 5-7 connecting standard stands, 3 telephones for 8-10, and 4 telephones for the area of more than 10 connecting standard stands. If extra telephones are required by custom-built stand, please fill in Application Form for Wireless Telephones of Canton Fair (see B8 of relevant forms in the attachment) and apply to On-site Office of Customer Service Centre or Communication Section (Address: A618 of Administration Office) 5 days prior to the opening date.(For inquiry:020-89139468) For standard stand, with regardless of the stand modification, the number of telephones is equipped according to the number of the standard stands within the scope, and telephone is installed in the stand of the smallest sequence number. The telephone service is provided as a package including local call and domestic call.

Telephones communication will be available during 9:00-18:00 each day, among which only available from 9:00-15:00 on Apr. 19 / May. 5 and Oct. 19 / Nov.4. Please don’t separate the telephone from the original stand due to the wireless telephone number already bond with the stand number.

The stand telephone will be returned at 15:00. Please do not take away the wireless telephones, and do kindly return them to our staff.

7. Application for Internet Service

Please refer to Form B7 for the specifications, charge criteria and relevant stipulations for such services.

8. Application for Overtime Work

Stipulations on the overtime work during the period of Stand Construction and Dismantling:

(1) With the Construction Certificate, contractors of custom-built stands can apply for Stand Construction Vehicle Pass and Stand Construction Badge usable on the date of Apr. 8th or Oct 8th  (Phase 1), as well as for the overtime work of the day. It is permitted to move in the materials used for setting up custom-built stands between 17:00 to 22:00 on Apr. 8th or Oct 8th , however advance construction shall not be allowed on that day.

(2) During the Phase 1 of Stand Construction, exhibitors or contractors of custom-built stands should submit written application for overtime work to International Pavilion of the Service Centre before 16:00. The overtime work will not be permitted without prior consent of the Service Centre. From 10-12th Apr/Oct, overtime work is permitted until 22:00. On 13th Apr/Oct, the Complex will open until 24:00. The Phase 3 preparation will run night operation that does not apply for overtime.


(1) All materials for stand setting up and all exhibits shall be moved out of the exhibition halls prior to 10:00, 20 Apr./Oct. Stand construction materials and exhibits to be returned shall be delivered to supervised locations nominated by the customs.

(2)No application for postponing Stand Dismantling after 10:00, 20 Apr./Oct. shall be accepted by Canton Fair who will reserve the right to claim from the exhibitors for any damages or losses caused by such delay.

10. Payment

Only RMB in cash or payment by credit card shall be accepted in the Service Center for Exhibitors of International Pavilion.
Stipulations of Service

1. Parts of the services may not be provided due to insufficient stocks, the lack of resources or demand overtops the warning limit.

2. The services available shall be fulfilled within two hours after full payment has been made by the exhibitor (except for the peak hours on Apr/Oct 13-14 for Phase 1 and Apr/Oct 29-30 for Phase 3).

3. During the busy hours on 13-14 Apr/Oct and 29-30 Apr/Oct, it may take longer time to fulfill the required services. The exhibitors are therefore advised to wait patiently and try to avoid applying at peak hours.

4. Exhibitors dissatisfied with the on-site service could lodge a complaint by dialing the service and complaint numbers.

5. Deadline for applying for the aforesaid services will be 19 Apr/Oct  for Phase 1 and 5 May/4 Nov  for Phase 3, except for those whose application deadlines have been specified.

Services of Stand Dismantling: Refund of Deposit

After returning the rented equipment or clearing the stand, the exhibitors should submit the deposit bills to the concerned staff of Canton Fair for confirmation in signature.

1. Distribution box: Electricians assigned and authorized by the Canton Fair will dismantle the distribution boxes and sign on the deposit bills held by exhibitors or contractors of custom-built stands for confirmation. Should exhibitors have any inquiries, please contact the Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion.

2. Deposit for stand clearance: Exhibitors or contractors of custom-built stands should notify the Service Center in the International Pavilion upon the completion of stand clearance. Canton Fair will accordingly assign relevant staff to inspect the cleared stands and confirm the accomplished work by signing on the deposit bills. Only if the relevant staff signs on the deposit bill, can the exhibitor or contractor apply for the refund of deposit for stand clearance.

With the deposit bills confirmed and signed by the authorized persons, the exhibitors or contractors of custom-built stands could be refunded the deposit at the Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion from 17:00 Apr/Oct 19 to 10:00 Apr/Oct 20 (Phase 1), 17:00 May 5/Nov 4 to 11:00 May 6/Nov 5 (Phase 3). Failing in execution of such procedures in the specified service time, the exhibitors and contractors could contact the Service Center for Exhibitors of the International Pavilion and withdraw the deposit as per their instructions.

For corresponding forms and stipulations, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.