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Stipulations of Construction Management for Custom-built Stands
(For raw-space-exhibitors and their entrusted contractors of custom-built stands)

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Item 1 Custom-built Stands

Refer to the stands, on rental raw space ( minimum 36㎡), that exhibitor entrusts the contractor with qualification certification of the Canton Fair to set up and decorate either in the wooden structure or with materials which are different from those used in the standard stands.

Item2 Contractor of Custom-built Stands

Exhibitor shall entrust the contractors with qualification certification of the Canton Fair to design and set up the stands. Contractor without qualification certification of the Canton Fair shall be prohibited to undertake such project or construction works. The design and drawings submitted by such contractor without qualification certification will be rejected by the Drawings Verification Team of Canton Fair. Contractors with qualification certification are listed “Construction of Custom-Built Stands” of Canton Fair official website.


Any Agreements between the exhibitor and his entrusted contractor shall be deemed to be contracts of the two parties only. Any incidents, accidents or disputes hence arising shall be subject to the legal procedures by the two parties involved, and Canton Fair shall assume no responsibilities for such consequences.

Item3 Submission Time and Contact

1.Submission Time

Spring Fair:  Phase 1, Mar. 20-30;

Phase 3, Mar. 20- Apr. 10

Autumn Fair: Phase 1, Sep. 20-30;

Phase 3, Sep. 20- Oct. 10

Please submit through Easy Exhibitor; submissions in paper or email are not accepted.

2.Contact (Drawing Verification Team)

Service covered: Custom-built Verification

Location: Registration Center, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, near Xingangdong Metro station


Spring Fair:

Phase 1: Mar. 20- Apr. 12   8:30-17:00;Apr. 13 8:30-20:00;Apr. 14  8:30-12:00; Apr. 15-19  9:00-18:00

Phase 3:Apr. 28-30   8:30-18:00;May. 5 9:00-18:00

Autumn Fair:

Phase 1: Sep. 20- Oct. 12  8:30-17:00;Oct. 13  8:30-20:00;Oct. 14  8:30-12:00; Oct. 15-19  9:00-18:00

Phase 3:Oct. 28-30  8:30-18:00; Nov. 4 9:00-18:00

Service contact:

0086-20-89124229, 89124230, 89124239, 89124245


(1) The Drawings Verification Team is responsible for providing contractors of custom-built stands with consultation service and drawings submission service, verifying drawings of custom-built construction, collecting constructional management fees, and issuing relevant construction certificates.

(2) Exhibitors of custom-built stands, after receiving the stand plan, shall contact directly with the contractors with qualification certification of Canton Fair and visit Easy Exhibitor of the official website of the Canton Fair to entrust the qualified contractor to set up the stand. The Drawings Verification Team of Canton Fair will not accept exhibitors’ direct submission of drawings.

Item4 Application Procedures for Custom-built Stands

1.One-storey Structure

Contents of Application

(1) Application Form for Drawings of Custom-built Stand (Form B1);

(2) Three-dimensional color drawings of design proposals;

(3) Plan and elevation of design proposals (Including detailed dimensions and material specifications);

(4) Application for electricity supply in custom-built stand should attach the following materials:

(i) Clear and detailed drawings of Electric Distribution System indicating the gross power, current rating, voltage (220V/380V) of the master switch and model of leakage protection switch, as well as the wire model and laying-out pattern and electric equipments.

(ii) Accurate Plan of Electric Distribution indicating the location of the main distribution box as well as the types, power and locations of lightings.

(iii) The copies of valid operation certificates of electricians who work for the custom-built contractor and the list of on-duty electricians as well as their operation certificate codes and telephone numbers. (Form B1-3)

(ⅳ) Letter of Undertaking on Safe Use of Electricity in Custom-built Stands (Form B1-1)

(v) Letter of Undertaking of Safe Construction in Custom-built Stand (Form B1-2)

(5) The construction drawings (including the structure and panel point drawings) shall be provided by construction and design institution(office) with qualification certification of structure designs (Note: only applicable to the two-storey custom-built stand setup).

6. Application for table and chair accessories for Custom-built Stands:

(1)Criteria:(table and chair shall be arranged as per area of the custom-built stand):

Areas smaller than 3 standard stands: one set of table and chair;

Areas between 4and 5 standard stands: two sets of table and chair;

Areas between 6and 8 standard stands: three sets of table and chair;

Areas between 9and 12 standard stands: 4 sets of table and chair;

Areas of 13 or greater than 13 standard stands: five sets of table and chair.

Please refer to table B1-4 for details of tables and chairs

(2)Mode of Application: The constructor of Custom-built Stands shall choose the style and quantity when submitting drawings on line.


All the above mentioned drawings and written instructions shall be submitted by the applicants through Easy Exhibitor online, but the paper drawings of two-storey stands shall be submitted at the same time according to the Canton Fair’ s management requirements for the two-storey stand.

Verification Procedures:

(1) The custom-build contractor’s response will be given within 5 working days after the Drawings Verification Team received the application materials. The qualified of declaration materials will report to Drawing Verification Team by custom-built contractor for audit record.

(2) The Drawing Verification Team will release the verification results on Canton Fair’s website where submission units can inquire those results via Easy Exhibitor at www.cantonfair.org.cn.

(3) For those unqualified drawings, within five days after receiving the verification paper, the contractor should re-submit them pursuant to the verifying suggestions.

Notes: For the stands whose design drawings are not approved in due time, the contractors shall not be permitted to commence relevant construction works.

Move-In Procedures and Formalities of Stand Construction

(1) Inquiry on-line or refer to the Drawings Verification Team to confirm that the custom-built stands drawings have been approved.

(2) According to your Drawing Approval Number, Name of your Contractor Company and the name of your Exhibitor Company, to pay up the construction management fees, cleaning and collection of materials trash and electricity fee to the Drawings Verification Team.

Charge Criteria

Construction management fee: RMB 25 Yuan/Phase/M2 (net area of stands)

Construction management fee: RMB 45Yuan/Phase/M(N net area of stands)

Deposit of stand clearance: RMB 500/9M2

Electricity fee: refer to B2

Fees for unified cleaning and collection of materials trash: RMB250/9M2

(3) Apply for Construction Certificate.

(4) Apply for Stand Construction Badge and Vehicle Pass for Stand Construction.

Procedures shall be carried out in the Registration service Centre with the Construction Certificate and completed Form A4. 

(5) Verification for Stand Fire-prevention

Subsequent to completion of stand construction, the stand shall be under joint inspection of personnel from Fire-prevention Department of Canton Fair, professional electricians and personnel of Guangzhou Public Security and Fire-prevention Bureau. Once meeting the standard, the stand can be electricity connected and then be put into use.

(6) Formalities of electric connection

Upon completion of stand construction and approval of fire-prevention and power safety inspection, Canton Fair will assign electricians to confirm “Registration Form for Use of Electricity in Custom-built Stands” and to guide the electrician of the contractor to connect wire to the nominated distribution box. Electric connection shall only be carried out by the electricians of Canton Fair. And the electricians of Canton Fair will be responsible for electric connection.

Relevant Requirements:

(1)Designed and setting-up height of the stand shall not exceed 4.5 meters and itsvertical projection shall not overrun the rented raw space.

(2) Stand structure shall be designed to be firm and safe in order to avoid any accident arising from stand collapse.

2.Two-storey Structure

Applicable Scope

Only the following requirements are met simultaneously shall the exhibitor be allowed to apply for setting up two-storey stand:

(1) The height (from ground to device layer) of the exhibition hall in which the stand locates shall be above 7.5 meters (7.5meters included).

(2) The stands shall be located in the custom-built zone.

(3) The net area of stand shall be above 72 M(including72 M2), i.e., above 8 standard stands (including 8).

(4) The stand shall not directly adjoin the other stands (to be isolated) or open at three sides.

For other formalities and charge criteria concerning application content, verification procedures and move-in procedures, please comply with the corresponding regulations stipulated in construction of one-storey custom-built stand.

Relevant Requirements

(1) Maximum height for one-storey stand and two-storey stand shall be 4.5 meters and 6meters respectively in Area A and B; two-storey stands shall not be allowed in Area C and height of one-storey stands shall not be over 4.5 meters. Vertical projection of all stands shall not overrun the raw space.

(2) Design and setting-up area of the second storey shall not exceed that half of the bottom storey and shall not be less than 27 M2.

(3) The total of designed dead loading and live loading of the stand shall not exceed the maximum floor loading limit of 1500KGS/M2.

(4) Stand structure shall be designed to be firm and safe in order to avoid any accident arising from stand collapse.

(5) The bottom storey shall be equipped with hung 6-kilogram powder fire extinguisher in a criterion of every 20 Mwith one fire extinguisher, 20-30 Mwith two, and so on.

Item 5 Application and verification process for Green custom-built stands

(1) Application: Custom-built Stands constructors shall decide whether to choose Green Custom-built Stands when submitting drawings on-line and fill in relevant forms. Custom-built Stands constructors can participate in award contest on recommendation of the exhibitors and choose "Award of Green Custom-built Stands " in the application web page.

(2) Primary verification: All drawings shall be verified by the Primary Verification Team, the Power-consumption Verification Team and the Fire-proof Verification Team from their respect perspectives pursuant to criteria stipulated for Green Custom-built Stands by the Canton Fair. Candidate for Green Custom-built Stands award can only be recommended provided that these three teams are all consent.      

(3) Verification: The on-site investigation team for Custom-built Green Stands shall carry out on-site investigation in the exhibition halls to these stands according to the name list offered by the Drawing verification system during periods of stand preparation and stand dismantling.

(4)Confirmation: The drawing verification team shall confirm the list of Green Custom-built Stands through the drawing verification system according to the on-site investigation results.

(5) Result announcement: The proportion of Green Custom-built Stands shall be announced on the official website of the Canton Fair on the second day after closure of every session. The Green custom-built stand rate of each constructor shall also be disclosed on closure of the Canton Fair.

Item 6 Safety Guidance for structure of custom-built stands

Strength of the structure of custom-built stands should be able to meet the required loading capacity to ensure the overall structure intensity, rigidity, stability and fastness of all joinings. Details are as follows:

1. General requirements (applicable to both one-storey and two-storey custom- stands)

1) The bottom width of the main wall of the structure should be wider than 120 mm to ensure the connection area between the wall and the ground; crossbeam should be installed on top of large span walls over 6 meters and the steel frame as well as a supporting pillar underneath.

2) The drawings of detailed connections between tops and crossbeams should be provided for all custom-stands which require crossbeam joining on tops. The structure strength should meet the required loading capacity. The crossbeam must be fabricated in steel and joined tightly. The joinings for the pillars should be fastened with bolts and nuts where pilling-up or colligation are forbidden.

3) Toughened glass should be used for stands decorated by glass and the strength and thickness (screen wall glass must be thicker than 8 mm ) should be guaranteed. The fabrication modes should be reasonable and reliable and steel frames or professional metal frames must be used to install all the glass components. Elastic bearings should be employed amongst the frames, metal parts and glass materials to ensure safe use of these items; Clear signs must be put on all large glass to avoid collisions; Structure supporting pillars and walls of all glass platforms should be fixed beneath the platforms and stands structures should not be installed directly upon the smooth surface of the glass.

4) Steel pillars should be of over 100 mm diameter un-welded materials and their bottom to be welded on the base. The upper portion should be welded to flanges so as to increase the bearing areas of the pillars.

2. Special requirements for two-storey stands

1) The construction detailed drawings of two-storey stands should be provided by qualified Construction and Design Institution (Office) with seals from structure engineer of 1st grade national level and relevant verification report. Further materials include:

① Layout: plan of power distribution (indicating the location, types, and laying-out patterns of lamps, lights, and the main distribution box).

② Power distribution system (indicating the gross power, current rating and voltage of the master switch, as well as the wire model and laying-out pattern).

③ Structure drawings of pillar for two-storey stands (indicating static and dynamic technical loading data).

2) Steel structural materials should be employed for the two-storey stands to fasten the stands especially for the bearing components and connect to the ground for protection.

3) Ground-beam connection modes should be used for the pillar base of the two-storey stands which should be fastened by high-strength bolts and nuts with hard plastic bearing to the ground as to prevent horizontal sliding.   

4) The railings height of the two-storey stands should be higher than 1.5 meters and the handling sides of the railings should be arc-shaped to prevent goods from sliding down from the railings.

5) The bearing capacity of the upper part of the two-storey stands should be greater than 400kg/㎡ and only used for business negotiation or rest purposes. Its main function is not for exhibit display. Number of people on the stands should be strictly controlled.

Item 7 Provisions of Construction Management

1. Stand construction should be executed in times stipulated herein. Advance application shall be made in case that overtime work is needed. Such works can be executed provided that approval has been granted by the Drawing Verification Team of the Canton Fair.

2. Stand construction shall be executed strictly in accordance with the verified design drawings. No variation of the stand shall be allowed unless prior consent is given by fire-prevention personnel of Canton Fair.

3. The Construction Certificate shall be displayed at a prominent place in the stand. Construction works shall not overtop the scope specified in the aforesaid certificate.

4. The design and setting-up materials should be non-combustible or fire-retardant. The carpet should be the B1-level fire-retardant. Materials, such as grass, bamboo, vine, paper, bark, foam, reed, inflammable plastic board, cloth and board, will not be permitted to use as building materials. In case that inflammable material must be used due to special reasons, the contactor shall obtain prior written approval from Canton Fair and adopt appropriate fire-prevention measures in this case. The material shall only be used upon acceptance by Canton Fair.

5. Cutting machines, electric saw and paint spraying machines are not allowed on the construction site. In case the operations actually need to use flammable and explosive goods such as thinner, alcohol and chloroprene glue, the quantity of one day’s dose shall be taken into the site and out of the site after the construction finishes on that day.

6. Operations that involve welding (electric welding and gas welding) and open fire are not allowed within the complex.

7. It is not permitted during the construction to damage or alter any fixed facilities inside or near the stand. Fixation or suspension on any fixed installations in the hall shall be forbidden. No decoration or hangings on ceilings over the stands shall be allowed.

8. Fire-prevention facilities, power supply facilities, communication facilities and the like within the confines or vicinity of the stands shall not be covered during the construction, and shall be kept in safe or operable of a minimum distance of 60 CM with indicating labels stick in proper positions.

9. Distribution box shall not be covered by Stand construction settings unless a manhole larger than the distribution box is reserved for opening distribution box and handling failure.

10. No part or full capping to the stand will be allowed during stand construction unless prior approval is obtained from the Fire Prevention Department of the Canton Fair and proper security measures are adopted. The fire prevention measures include, for instance, capping with leakage materials and equipping a 6-kilogram extinguisher of palace-lantern style in every 20 M2.

11. The exposed parts of the stand’s back and side should be subject to interior-exterior surface decoration with no advertisement painted on the exterior surface.

12. Temporary use of electricity during the period of stand construction shall be subject to regulations on temporary use of electricity.

13. The electric materials, facilities and equipment applied in the stand design shall have been certified by the mandatory 3C of the People’s Republic of China. All electric facilities and equipment inside the stands shall installed by electricians recorded on files of Canton Fair, and such operations shall comply with the fire prevention provisions of the People’s Republic of China as well as the following requirements of Canton Fair:

(1) Distribution box inside the stand shall be equipped with 30mA earth leakage protective device and be installed at a conspicuous and safe place of above 20㎝ distance from the ground.

(2) Protective switches of different levels shall be installed for non-machinery electricity supply with three-phase whose load should exceed 20A; as for non-machinery electricity supply with single-phase whose load should exceed 16A, a three-phase-five-wire electricity supply shall be applicable. Electricity load in stands shall be balanced in case a three-phase electricity supply is adopted.

(3) The maximum electricity load of 63A socket shall be of 80% (50A) of its designed capacity. Therefore, a special notice should be given in the time of application for electricity supply in case that the rating electricity in the distribution box of the stand is greater than 50A, or, electricity consumption by single machine is greater than 50A. Canton Fair shall consequently allocate power as per application condition.

(4) Explanation should be given to electricity supply used by frequency conversers, silicon controlled controllers, stage light modulators and amplifiers, and peak value current must be indicated. Power capacity of machinery shall be provided and start-up current must be noted. The above mentioned equipment shall adopt independent circuit electricity supply.

(5) 24 hours electricity supply for exhibition equipment should be separately applied. Special line must thus be arranged in the stand without any hidden troubles and equipped with appropriate and reliable protective switches. Canton Fair shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from any breakdown of the protective switch in the venue caused by errors of the equipment and lines in the stand; Insurance should be purchased for all precious exhibits and be guarded by professional persons.

(6) Wires used should be of ZR-BVV (flame-retardant double-plastic-coated copper wire) and shield wire. Twisted and aluminum wires are forbidden.

(7) Cable wire passing through the aisles inside the venue must be captured in metal tube and non-inflammable plastic tube and covered. There should be distinct warning signs for such arrangement.

(8) Wires should not be exposed. There must be no interfaces on the wires passing through floor and carpet in the stand and hidden inside the decorating materials of the stand. Those wires shall be kept in metal tube and non-inflammable plastic tube.

(9) All electric return circuits shall be equipped with protective ground wire. Effective electric bridge must be installed for lightings in the stands and electric appliances which may directly contact to leakage metal protective tube and components. Those electric devices should also be safely earthen.

(10) The ballast and trigger of lightings such as cylindrical lamps, quartz lamps and daylight lamps shall be certified by the mandatory 3C of the People’s Republic of China. Fire-prevention and heat insulation measures shall be adopted for separate ballast.

(11) Convector radiating holes shall be reserved for advertising light cases and lamp stands installed in the stands.

(12) High-power lightings with a power rate above 500W shall not be used in the stands. Use of high-power lightings with a power rate below 500W (iodine-tungsten lamps with a power rate above 100W for example) shall be equipped with shields complying with fire-prevention safety requirements of P. R. C. and such lightings shall be installed on incombustible stand components.

(13) As for concealed electric parts of the stand, contractors shall actively contact professional electricians assigned by Canton Fair for safety inspection before covering.

(14) The current rating of master switch in the distribution box shall be identical to or below the current amount applied in B1-3

(15) The number of electrical installations (include luminary and socket) under each protection loop in the lighting power distribution shall not be more than 25, and the total volume shall be less than 3KW or 16A current.

(16) Equipment such as computer and precision instrument are suggested to come with an ups protection. Exhibitors are at their own risk of any data lost or equipment damage caused by power interruption.

14. All stand construction works shall be subject to the supervision and inspection of personnel of Fire-prevention and Security Department of Canton Fair, nominated professional electricians and personnel of Guangzhou Public Security and Fire-prevention Bureau pursuant to the Fire-prevention Document, relevant regulations herein defined and Regulations on Safety and Fire-Prevention in Exhibitors Manual herein. For those who do not comply with the safety requirements or embracing any hidden safety troubles, the contractor shall carry out related remedy works in accordance with the rectification suggestions provided by concerned inspectors.  

15. Upon completion of construction, all constructional tools and materials shall be removed out of the exhibition venue prior to closure of the exhibition without storing inside or at back (side) of the stands.

16. Contractors shall comply with all regulations stipulated in Regulations on Safety and Fire-Prevention in Exhibitors Manual herein.

17. All cutting tools displayed in the custom-built stands shall be kept into a lockable cabinet or fixed through other protection means. All of these must be demonstrated on submission of custom-built drawings.

18. The implementation of Green Canton Fair Program shall be strengthened. All booths in pavilion should reach 100% environment friendly constructing

For corresponding forms and stipulations, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.