Brazil -China Chamber (CCIBC)



Activities With Leaders of Both Countries




1991 In the absence of a Chinese Consulate in Rio de Janeiro at the time, CCIBC organized the reception of President Yang Shangkun in Rio de Janeiro and Mr. Tang offered his yacht for a tour of the bay in with President Yang. This was the first visit by a Chinese President to Brazil. CCIBC invited 180 dignitaries for a banquet in honor of President Yang and made a surprise celebration for his 83rd birthday.


1993 Was received by Chairman Jiang Zemin for a private meeting where he wrote a personal handwritten message in support of CCIBC’s work. Mr. Tang was honored to have had 3 diners with Chairman Jiang.


2002 Attended diner with Chairman Jiang Zemin on his second visit to Brazil.


2004 Was honored to attend two diners with Chairman Hu Jingtao. Mr. Tang sat with Mr. Ma Kai and Minister Bo Xilai. CCIBC organized the economic and business seminars for Chairman Hu’s visit to São Paulo where Mr. Tang made two presentations.




1986 Private meeting with Vice Prime Minister Wu Xueqian, then Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Present Chinese Ambassador to China, Mr. Chen Duqing where Minister Wu suggested for Mr. Tang to establish the Brazil China Chamber to help build the bridge of friendship between the two Giant Countries.


1988 CCIBC obtained a personal handwritten greeting banner from Mr. Bo Yi Bo in the first trade fair in Rio de Janeiro that was organized by CCIBC in partnership with Beijing sub council of CCPIT.


2002 Meeting with M. Qiao Shi, then Chairman of the People’s Congress of China and accompanied Chairman Jiao for diner. Was honored to receive a personal handwritten message from Chairman Jiao in support of CCIBC’s work.


2003 Diner with Mr. Li Riuhuan, then Chairman of People’s Political and Consultative Council of Chinese Congress. Received personal handwritten message in support of CCIBC.


2003 Held private meeting with Vice Prime Minister Wu Yi and received handwritten message recognizing CCIBC’s contribution to Brazil China relations.


2003 Offered a luncheon for Minister Li Chanjiang and the Brazilian Minister of Development, Industry & Foreign Trade, Mr. Luiz Fernando Furlan and Vice Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Marcio Fortes de Almeida at Mr. Tang’s home.


2003 Organized diner for Councilor of State Li Ti Yin at Mr. Tang’s home. CCIBC organized a seminar on Chinese development with joint conference by Councilor Li and Mr. Tang on Chinese economy at the prestigious Brazilian Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics.


2005 Organized meeting for then Minister of Radio Film & TV of China (SARFT), Mr. presently, Party Secretary of Henan Province, with the principal of Brazil's largest media conglomerate, Globo. Had honor to receive Minister Gu for lunch at Mr. Tang's home.




1995 Visited China as member delegation of Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Participated in the diner with Chairman Jiang Zemin at the Great Hall of the People.


2004 Visited China as member of delegation of Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva.




1993 Organized the business part of visit to China by Mayor of São Paulo and arranged for meeting with acting President of China, Vice President Rong Yiren at the Great Hall of the People.                              


1994 Organized the Business part of the visit to China by the Minister of Mines and Energy of Brazil, Mr. Alexis Stepanenko and accompanied his meeting with Vice President Rong Yiren where a private letter by the President of Brazil was delivered by his brother and director of CCIBC, for Chairman Jiang Zemin.


2006 Organized the business part of the visit to China by Governor of Santa Catarina including visit to sister province established by CCIBC, Henan.


2007 Organized the Seminars and business round tables in Beijing and Shanghai for the Governor of Pernambuco and a 150 businessmen delegation with the inauguration of the first Brazilian State representative office within CCIBC’s Shanghai office.


Development of Business Relations


1999 Incorporated Sinosteel in Brazil and Mr. Tang was their attorney in fact signing all documents until Sinosteel executives obtained their work visas.


2000 Received the first visit of ZTE to Brazil and assisted in establishing their first office in the country.


2001 Suggested to President of EMBRAER, Mr. Mauricio Botelho that they should open assembly factory for regional jet aircraft in China. The joint venture between EMBRAER and AVICII in Harbin is the result.


2002 Organized the visit by senior management of Banco Santos with major Chinese banks. Result was the establishment of the first Brazilian private bank representative office in China.


2003 Introduced the Brazilian soluble coffee “Café Pelé”into Chinese market.


2004 Organized the visit of the Chairman of the giant Banco Itaú to China, Mr. Roberto Egydio Setubal. This visit resulted in the representative office of Banco Itaú in Shanghai.


2005 Started the continuing assistance to Votorantim, largest industrial group of South America.


2007 Started continuing assistance to Odebrecht Angola.


2007 Brought the Vice Governor of Pernambuco to visit Governor Wang of Anhui province with the largest auto distributor in Brazil for meeting with Chairman of Chery Automobiles obtaining tax benefits for Chery in Brazil.


2008 Invited the largest Brazilian Engineering and Construction companies of Brazil to meet with the Vice Minister of Construction of China, Mr.                 with leaders of the largest construction companies, for diner at Mr. Tang’s home  to develop collaboration in Brazil, Africa and China.


2008 Organized the visit of Anhui BBCA Group to Brazil for joint venture with large Brazilian ethanol group introduced by CCIBC.

 2009 Organized the visit of  Mr. Andre  Puccinelli  - Governor  of Mato Grosso do Sul  to China , with   3 seminars , one in Beijing, one in Jiangxi and one in Shanghai, totally over 100 companies participated the meeting with MS delegation.  Also  organized the meeting with Mr. Liu Liange, Executive Vice President of Eximbank.  Meeting with Mr.Wu Ying Xiong, governor of Jiangxi province. Meeting with Mr. Sun Gang, vice governor of Jiangxi Province.  Meeting with Mr.Tang, Vice mayor of Shanghai city. We also arranged the meeting for MS with Liangshan delegation, with the Executive President of Weifang Tractor, with the Executive President of XinYu Steel, with the Executive President of JMC, with the Shanxi Ottwa Silicon Industry Development Co., Ltd. With Good Fortune


2010- Organized the visit of Mr. Sergio Habib to China and introduced JAC Motors to him, helped develop the business relations , JAC Motors has  very successfully established in Brazil.


Trade Fairs , Seminars  and  Forums


1998 Organized the first Chinese trade fair by CCPIT Beijing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a handwritten banner by Mr. Bo Yi Bo obtained by CCIBC.


2002 Organized the first Brazilian Trade Promotion fair in Shanghai, "The Brazil China Trade Fair 2002". The last Brazilian trade promotion fair before 2002 was in Beijing in 1984.


2004 CCIBC helped organize the economic and business seminars in São Paulo held for the visit to Brazil by Chairman Hu Jintao.


2006 Organized the Chinese Chemical Trade Fair in São Paulo for CCPIT Chemical sub council.


Mr. Tang has spoken on business between Brazil and China, as well as on the economy of Brazil and China in over 60 seminars and conferences in various countries. Among them were:


2002 With Chinese Councilor of State, Mr. Li Ti Yin at the prestigious Instituto Fernand Braudel de Economia Munidal.

2003 FIEL, the prestigious Economic Study Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005 United Nations CEPAL in Santiago, Chile

2006 Americas Society and Asias Society, New York, USA.

2006 UK Investment & Trade Council, London, England

2007 UK’s Intertech Conference held in Wujiang, China

2007 Brazil Europe Business Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany

 2007 I CCPIT Cumbre of China and Latin America  - Santiago do Chile

2008  II CCPIT Cumbre of China and Latin America  - Harbin

2009 III CCPIT Cumbre of China and Latin America  - Bogota – Colombia

2010 – IV CCPIT Cumbre of China and Latin America  - Sichuan

2010  - signature of  Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with LIZHOU MUNICIPAL COMMISSION OF COMMERCE OF GUANGXI - CHINA

2010   - signature of Memorandum of Understanding between São Caetano do Sul – SP and Guangxi Liuzhou Municipal Government – China.

2011 – V CCPIT Cumbre of China and Latin America  - Lima – Peru

2011- Signature of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Heilongjiang

2011- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Jilin

2012- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Gansu

2012- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Jiangsu


2013- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Hangzhou

2013- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang

2013- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Anhui

2013- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Nanjing

2013- Signature  of Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement with Jinan


Articles for Newspapers and Interviews


The Chairman of CCIBC regularly contributes articles to the major newspapers and magazines in different countries. As a regular contributor to the largest and most prestigious newspaper of Brazil, more than 10 of his articles have been published by this newspaper. China Daily has also published an article written by Mr. Tang. All Mr. Tangs articles can be seen in our Chamber website,

 Our Chamber through Chairman Tang regularly gives numerous interviews to all media in Brazil and the most important news and TV in the world have interviewed, or reported on our Chamber, such as, Chinese Communist Party Newsletter, BBCA World TV, New York Times, Economist, USA Today, Xinhua, People’s Daily, Le Figaro, Newsletter of the Communist Party of China, ABC News.



Culture and Sports

For more than 20 years CCIBC has taken Brazilian movies and movie stars to participate in the Shanghai International Film Festival. Likewise CCIBC brings Chinese movies to Brazil. CCIBC’s support was fundamental for the Chinese delegation to win the prize at the International Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1988.

 CCIBC has taken Brazilian music bands, singers and samba dance shows to China and has organized exhibitions for Brazilian painters and photographers.

 CCIBC has successfully organized the "BRAZILIAN DAY "   event in Shanghai with the participation of Chinese and Brazilian authorities and a huge audience. With Brazilian and Chinese dance  performance , as well as football  ( men and women teams) competition.

CCIBC has taken numerous young Chinese football students to learn with the masters in Brazil

CCIBC has introduced several opportunities for Football cooperation between China and Brazil to many  Chinese football clubs

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