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Company Profile

1st PMF Capital Limited, Hong Kong is a finance company providing a range of tailor-made financial services to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  The Company has full commitment for flexibility and fast response in offering the most appropriate financial products to its clients including factoring and receivable financing, import and export financing, structure finance and commercial lending.

1st PMF Capital Limited is a member of the 1st PMF Bancorp Group led by 1st PMF Bancorp which is a regulated financial institution in Los Angeles, USA.  1st PMF Bancorp originally incorporated in 1985 is operating under a California Financial Lender License as well as State and Federal Charters as a commercial bank lender. 

In addition to its headquarter in Hong Kong, 1st PMF Capital Limited operates a network of offices in China respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and is thus in a strong position to offer professional and on-the-spot financial services to enterprises working in and out of China.

Product & Service Introduction

Factoring and Account Receivable Financing

PMF Capital Limited is specialized in account receivable financing which with or without recourse to the supplier.  Factoring facilities can be arranged without utilizing existing banking facilities.


Packing Loans

Packing loans can be arranged against receipt of letters of credit from buyers.


Export Document Negotiation and Discounting

Export documents will be discounted for instant payments.  Discounted documents will be presented by 1st PMF Capital Limited for payment upon maturities.


Documentary Collection

Export documents can be presented via 1st PMF Capital Limited for payments from the paying banks for the overseas buyers.


Letters of Credit

1st PMF Capital Limited issues letters of credit for enterprises on sight or usance terms to suppliers to cover payments to be made for shipments upon fulfilment of the terms and conditions specified therein.


Import Loans

Resultant trust receipt or import loan financing can be arranged to cover payments made under letters of credits.


Warehouse Financing

For enterprises with continued and regular import activities, 1st PMF Capital Limited provides services to arrange for warehouse financing on the basis of a hypothecation of stocks on hand.


Financial Advisory Service

The dedicated financial advisory team of 1st PMF Capital Limited offers professional and efficient financial advisory and arrangement services to enterprises to meet their specific business objectives and to enhance continued business development and growth.

Contact Us


1st PMF Capital Limited will be pleased to answer any queries enterprises or other financial institutions may have regarding our business and services.  Enterprises are most welcome to send us any enquiry e-mail to enquiries@ 1stpmfcapital.com  which we shall as a principle respond within 24 hours.   As an alternative, enterprises can contact our head office in Hong Kong or any of our offices in China.


Head Office

Address:     Rm 801-2, 8/F, Easey Commercial Building, 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel/Fax:      (852) 25110110  /  (852) 25110101


Beijing Office

Address:     Rm A06, 11/F, Jin Long Ji Building, 99-1 Long Fu Shi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China  100010

Tel/Fax:      (86-10) 84095230 / (86-10) 84095390


Shanghai Office

Address:     Rm 802, Shanghai Mingde Lexington Plaza,      558 North Xizang Road, Shanghai,  China  200071

Tel/Fax:      (86-21) 36527568 / (86-21) 56625292


Guangzhou Office

Address:     Rm 1608, 16/F, Block B, Fuli Jinxi Commercial, Center, 5 Fucheng Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China 510095

Tel/Fax:      (86-20) 87323423 / (86-20) 87320252


Shenzhen Office

Address:     Rm 513, 5/F, Hong Gui Building, 2068 Hong Gui Road, Luo Hu district,  Shenzhen,        China  518008

Tel/Fax:      (86-755) 25865264 / (86-755) 26686025


More information on our Group can be found in our following websites: www.1stpmfcapital.com, www.pmfbancorp.com,   www.asiapacgroup.com


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