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Join Canton Fair MREP for mutual benefit

A media platform boasting 210,000 global buyers, a direct channel to link 24,000 Chinese suppliers and into the Chinese market, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

To join the Canton Fair Media Resource Exchange Program (MREP), i.e. to share with us media resource of your institute, including website, internal publications and social media, chances are that you can get the following in return :

1. Make free acknowledgement and publish information on Exhibitor Catalogue of the Canton Fair and on Canton Fair Bulletin.

2. Make free advertisement on the Canton Fair's secondary website.

3. Make free advertisement on the Canton Fair's facebook

4. Provide your institute with VIP reception for 3 guests.

5. Assist your institute to hold a seminar during the Canton Fair.

6. Provide fast group registration for your institute during the Fair.

7. Assist your institute in business travel during the Fair.

8. Other services 

This is an information age, also an era for media sharing. Please visit for the early opportunities! We look forward to your participation!

Contact: Mr.Laurent CHU

Tel: +86-20-89138625


Fax: +86-20-89138888


Remark: China Foreign Trade Centre reserves the final right of explanation.

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Introduction of CANTON FAIR MREP

Now, Canton Fair is engaged with discussion with international organizations on MREP.
For more information, please visit

Contact: Mr. Laurent CHU      Tel: +86-20-89138625      E-mail:       Fax: +86-20-89138888


China Foreign Trade Centre reserves the right of final explanation.