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The Top 10 Cantonese snacks

Food in Guangzhou enjoys good reputation, delicious snacks hidden in street corners or alleys are especially popular. It is worth mentioning that these snacks are all cooked in traditional ways, some of them are even inherited from ancestors. Ten out of them are supposed to be recommended as candidates for world intangible cultural heritages. Enjoy snacks, and experience the historic city.

Ginger Milk

  Shawan ginger milk is a famous snack of Panyu District, with a history of over 100 years. Legend goes that about 100 years ago. A granny in Panyu district got a cough someone said ginger juice could cure her illness. Thinking the juice was too spicy, her daughter-in-law heated the milk together with sugar, and then mixed it with sugar, and then mixed it with ginger juice, after drinking the mixture, the granny surprisingly recovered, and Ginger Milk become popular thereafter.

Shuns Coconut Ice Cream

  Coconut Ice Cream was firstly invented by a vender Lu Shun in 1920s. At that time, ice cream just got popular in Guangzhou. And Lu Shun believed that was an opportunity. He produced a brand-new coconut Ice Cream using coconut juice, fresh buffalo milk, eggs and white sugar. It was proved very successful. Later on, Lushun established his own ice cream shop, thats Shuns Cocount Ice Cream.

 White Radish with chopped Beef Offal

  It is said that this kind of snack was invented by a Muslim chef who cooked beef roll,  beef lung and white radish together with the sauce blended with Chinese prickly ash and aniseed over a slow fire. The white radish absorbing the flavor of the beef offal and the sauce are very tasty. Many local residents followed suit, and this snack was preserved until today.

 Pantang Water Chestnut Cake

  Mix water Chestnut powder with sugar water, then steam it, and you get water chestnut cake. It got its name from a place Pantang that abounded with water chestnut. Cakes made from the water chestnut powder here used to be extremely famous. Water ' chestnut cake is one of the best choices for breakfast. Several kinds of this cake are for your choice, such as pan-fried water chestnut cake, triple-colored water chestnut cake, etc.

Steamed Rice Rolls

  Few in Guangzhou dont know Steamed Rice Rolls, the most famous of which is the so-called cloth Rice Rolls---a piece of cloth is extended within the steamer, and then rice paste is spread on the cloth to be steamed. The crystal-clear rolls sheets can be as thin as cicada's wings. Remember to add some sauces to the rolls while enjoying them.

You can find quite a lot of different steamed rice rolls here: steamed rice rolls with beef and soy sauce, with barbecued pork, with eggs, or with fresh shrimp.

Sampan Porridge

  In olden days, this delicious porridge was served on shuttling sampans in the western outskirts of Guangzhou. The porridge is well-known for its rich ingredients and delicious taste. The ingredients include sliced fish, fried pignuts, Chinese donuts, chopped fistular onions and ginger, etc. Nowadays Sampan porridge earns its place to restaurants even star-rated hotels.

Steamed Pork Dumpling

  Steamed pork dumpling is one of the characteristic snacks in Guangzhou, and one of the four most-ordered Cantonese morning tea snacks inside is barbecued pork in small pieces mixed with oyster sauce, flour wrappings outside. After being steamed, the wrappings turn soft and smooth, crack a little on the top to show the stuffing with overwhelming fragrance.

 Shrimp Dumpling

  Residents in Guangzhou have the habit of drinking morning tea, the point of which is not tea, or food, but communication. Shrimp dumping tops the four most-ordered snacks of Cantonese morning tea. The half-transparent Wrappers of the shrimp dumping are usually as white as snow, as thin as paper; therefore the stuffing inside can be seen hazily.

Wonton Noodles

Flour cuisine is not typical in Guangzhou, but wonton noodles are favored here. Three ingredients are absolutely necessary for this food, the first is hand-made thin noodles; second, the stuffing should include shelled fresh shrimps, streaky pork and eggs; the third one is the specific soup, boiled using dried flatfish and pork bones, tasty lout not greasy.

 Shahe Rice Noodles

  Rice noodles has a long history, and Shahe Rice Noodles is the most well-known snack in Guangzhou, named after its original place Shahe Town. These noodles are white, thin and smooth It can be fired, dry-fried, or cooked with soup. Some hotels serve "colorful rice noodles", where fruit and vegetable juices are mixed into the noodles.