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Jinlun Hall

     Jinglun Hall, which alsonamed Jinlun Tang, was constructed in 1723 during Yongzheng era in Qing Dynastyand has become the Hall of Silk Industry in Guangzhou during Qing Dynasty to TheRepublican era. The ancestral hall is a Qing Dynasty-style architecture. In1997 it was listed as thefifth installment of Guangzhoucultural relics protection units. The hall was started to build in 1723 duringYongzheng era in Qing Dynasty and restructured in 1844 during Daoguang era inQing Dynasty, which sits in north facing the south. The whole building is about700 square meters and has a Chinese shrine style. Its stone carvings, woodcarvings and pottery, plaster moldings show the Smart and beautiful of theLingnan architecture. There are also 22 tablets recording the Hall's history inthe museum. 

Address: 289th Kangwang North Road,Liwan District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-81390419

Transportation Guide:Bus: Station of Kangwang Terminal