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Dongping Pawn Shop

     The Dongping Pawnshop (also called the site of Dadongmen Pawnshop and the Watchtower of Qing Dynasty) is located at the crossing of Zhongshan 4 Lu and Yuexiu Zhonglu. It will open to the public free of charge this year, following its transformation into China's first Museum in this category.The ancient "Dongping Pawnshop" Watchtower is located at No.1 Zhongshan 4 Lu, next to the city-gate structure of the East City gate of the Ming Dynasty. It was once a pawnshop in the Qing Dynasty and is often called "Dadongmen Pawnshop". The surface appearance of the ancient building is one of squareness; it is five-stories high on the north side and four-stories on the south side. Its exterior façade assumes a watchtower shape. Towering for a century, the Dongping Pawnshop witnessed the ups and downs of Guangzhou, and was identified as one of Guangzhou's municipal-level cultural relics in 1999.


Address: Zhongshansi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Transportation Information: Bus - 1、76、93、102、108、211 (Dadongmen Station)