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Hua-lin Temple

   Nestled in Chang-shou Road West,known as a characteristic Buddhist temple of special significance in Guangzhou. During the Liang-pu-tong Reign of the Southern Dynasty in ancient times,a senior monk sailed from India to arrive at some place near today’s Shangxiajiu of Guangzhou,and built up a grass hut,thus starting to disseminate Buddhism throughout China. Later,people called this place as Xi-lai Hut. This hut remained here throughout Sui,Tang,Song,Yuan,and Ming Dynasties. In the earth period of Qing Dynasty,

a Buddhist monk call Zong Fu raised funds to build up a Da-Xiong Hall. In the 29th year of Dao-guang Emperor’s Reign,the 500-Arhat Hall was constructed.


Add:No. 31, Hua-lin Temple, Xiajiu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Transportation: Take the bus line 2、3、6、61、82 or 204 to Daihelu Station.