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   "Lizhiwan" is derived from poem of "a bay of green water and red litchis along both banks", which full of ‘Xiguan’ memory. By water, tourists could enjoy the beautiful natural scenery along the ‘Lichiwan’.

   There are several bridges across the river, which are Longjing Bridg,Dexing Bridge, Daguan Bridge, Zhishan Bridge, as well as Yongning Bridge. Among them, the Longjin Bridge is a 57 meters’ three arch bridge which allows boat to travel in the middle and passersby to go in both sides of it.

   The Longjing Bridge accompanied the Wen Tower in order to comply with the Chinese traditions and becomes an important view spot in ‘Lizhiwan’


Address: Pantang Road, Liwan District (Near Longjinxi Road)

Transportation Information: Subway Line Five to Zhongshanba Road, Exit B