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How to Buy Train Tickets?

Travelerscan buy tickets at ticket windows (including ticket windows in railwaystations, ticket vending machines and ticket agents). In regions where ticketbooking hotlines are opened, customers can book tickets by phone and get thetickets at designated places. Besides, you can also choose to login ChinaRailway Customer Service website to book tickets if the train opens onlineticket sales. (http://www.12306.cnhereinafter refers to as 12306.cn)

During the pre-sale period, customers are free tochoose the departure date, train number, and seat if there are ticketsremained.

You needto meet stated favorable terms and provide related certificates when buyingchild tickets, student tickets, disabled soldier and policeman tickets.

Travelers can buy tickets on the train ifgetting on the train at an unmanned stopping point. Only tickets of the sametrain are available. No service charge is needed.
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